Medigap Vs. Medicare Advantage Plans for Senior Citizens

Medigap Vs. Medicare Advantage Plans for Senior Citizens

Supplementary health insurance for recipients of Medicare can be very troubling. For members of Medicare who register for the first time, this period lasts for 3 months before they turn 65 by the end of the third month after the month they turn 65. Anyone who wishes to subscribe to an additional Medigap plan or health plan can do so without worrying about the medical situation. If you attempt to register after this open enrollment period you may be denied entry into a Medigap plan and you can wait for the next annual subscription period to get an advantage or a prescription plan that runs from November 15 to 31 from November of each year.

Now, there is no enrollment requirement in the prescription drug plan, Advantage plans at or Medicare. Meanwhile, if you decide not to sign a prescription drug plan, if you are eligible and do not have another reliable prescription policy, you will be charged a 1% penalty for each month that the plan needs to purchase in the near future. The 1% fine will be added to the cost of a basic plan. Also keep in mind that the fine is paid for the rest of your life. The following is important for those who want to have access to affordable health insurance and the most appropriate health insurance plan. If you choose to have a benefit plan instead of an additional policy, it might not be possible for you to change to another plan if you eventually have a medical ailment. The only thing that gives you an additional plan is whether your benefit plan has been eliminated or suspended for any reason other than what you did or if you were in the service area of ​​your current benefit plan. It is very important to note that a benefit plan may be more expensive and that some older people may have limited their health insurance alternatives because of their options. It is recommended that you choose a supplemental plan instead of a benefit plan when possible. Kindly note that RX insurance is not a part of the supplementary plans.

For individuals who don’t qualify for Medigap policies, HMO policies are accessible in many localities and they offer free options. They do not support HMO plans. Meanwhile, if you don’t have the features, this might be the correct option. Don’t include limitations to your health policy and if you can exit your network of doctors and hospitals. For seniors citizens in Michigan who are 65 or older who are considering changing their Medicare plan, this year may be a good time to return to the integration plan, since many of Michigan’s private service plan fees for 2011 will be They have become dying Most insurance companies enroll in out-of-network plans of hospitals or doctors for PPO and HMO plans. If the plan has been canceled, you can return to Medicare Supplemental Health Insurance.

Primary and Secondary Health Insurance Explained

Primary and Secondary Health Insurance Explained

The Secondary Medicare begins to pay after the insurance plans have made your payment, which must be paid. The meaning of this is that the secondary medical care pays, deductibles, reimbursements, and additional costs until the insurance limit. Regardless of any other insurance protection, primary medical care is the first payment made.Many people believe that it is better to choose primary plans than secondary plans, but this is not the case.Even if the travel insurance you have is secondary insurance, it will be of high importance if you do not have other insurance.

Travel insurance is not a “pay per order” plan. What does this mean?Travel insurance functions differently than ordinary health insurance. In most cases, you cannot simply present your medical ID at the entrance when you enter a medical facility and the costs will be automatically paid.Instead, with many travel insurance, you will only have to pay medical expenses (call the travel insurer right away) during the trip, then send the supporting documents along with the form.

Primary health insurance can help facilitate payments. For instance, for some plans, the agency will make arrangement for prepayment if the beneficiary needs to be hospitalized.What happens if I have Medicare and a Medigap supplemental plan?Medigap, also known as the Medicare Supplement Plan 2019, listed here provide health insurance around the world, but based on these plans; Medigap will generally pay 80% of the cost of emergency care for the first 60 days. For these plans, there is also a lifetime limit of $ 50,000.

If you have already requested your Medigap plan, you should consider this total claim to decipher the insurance you have to the limit of your life. Remember that a travel insurance contract with health insurance pays the balance.Also, keep in mind that choosing a first-aid travel insurance plan may be the smart choice. If you have a medical request for your trip, you will not use any part of the life limit you may need in your home.So, what is included in travel insurance protection? The answer here is a simple one: medical expenses, cancellations, delays, evacuations, or losses and a 24-hour assistance.These are 5 major types of insurance provided by travel coverage. You are aware that travel coverage offers first aid Medicare or secondary Medicare, see what that really means:

Comparing primary and secondary premiums.

To interpret a cost comparison between primary and secondary insurance, we send the following details of a trip to a comparison mechanism:

  • Traveler’s age: 38 years.
  • Duration: 5 days maximum.
  • Travel expenses: US $ 3,800.

Then select two plans with the same insurance limits:

  • Interruptions: US $ 5,655
  • Cancellation: US $ 3,800
  • Doctor or dentist: $ 50,000.
  • Evacuation: US $ 475,000

The above is just a brief comparison of the prices of the travel insurance plan that usually uses the normal travel details. Depending on travel plans, all these plans have special advantages and insurance that make one more attractive than the other.

How seniors can get out of poverty?

How seniors can get out of poverty?

With the increasing advancements in the medical field, life expectancy has shown tremendous growth and of course this is a matter of pride across the world, however poverty is one of the factors that has faded the vibrancy of this achievement. Today, a considerable percentage of people are above the age of 65, with very bad finance condition. But, here in this article we will write on how seniors can get out of poverty by following some of the tricks.

Main causes of poverty

There are numerous causes for this plight but these are some to name a few.

  1. Increasing medical costs: Increase in chronic illness e.g. diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, dementia- which are quite prevalent among senior citizens,
  2. Lack of health insurance or increase in the premium of health insurances.
  3. Lack of budget can be the reason for the plight of financial condition.
  4. No savings or emergency funds.
  5. Spending much on housing.
  6. Lack of skills.

These are some of the reasons which contribute in increasing poverty but now we will tell you what are the things that you can do for the betterment of your finance conditions.

What you can do for the betterment of your financial condition?                 

  1. Housing options: once you attain the age of 65 or have retired, you can opt for the ‘public housing’ or you can also look for government subsidized housing schemes which can help you in maintaining a proper balance between your living your standards and your finance conditions.
  2. Delaying retirement: delaying retirement after full retirement age can help you in getting increased higher percentage of social security benefits.
  3. Health insurance policy: It can help you in managing medical costs. You should be wise in choosing the best premium for yourself; it depends on your needs. You can also look of subsidized health insurance schemes provided by the government- probably this would be the cheapest option that you can try.
  4. Savings: It is one of the most important requirements because it is the only source that can help you financially during emergency.
  5. Extra skills: after retirement you can look for some other works which require skills and this can help you in getting some extra cash in your hand. You can choose according to your interest.
  6. You can control your transportation and other expenses by choosing the best place that fulfils your need.

In this article we have shared how you can manage to get out of poverty and get 2019 Medicare Supplement Plans at or you can manage your finance without compromising your living standards. I hope, now you are acquainted with the things that you can do to have a happy life after the retirement age.

Airline travel tips for seniors

Airline travel tips for seniors

Travelling is the most sorted activity by the senior’s age group. Travel for seniors is growing these days as people being eager to explore the world and live the last phase of their life to the fullest. Seniors have a wide range of needs and requirement when they travel so travelling become a little uneasy for them sometimes. Travelling sometimes make hard on the body of a senior citizen. So, if you want to make your travel a little easier and comfortable then have a look at the article below on airline travel tips for seniors:

Pre-flight planning

To make your travel comfortable you can make a relevant plan before leaving for the airport like packing light. Check that you packed all the necessary documents and things you will require in the airport to go through the security. Travel for seniors will be more pleasant if you start it from your home by wearing comfortable clothes.

Get on wheels

Travel for seniors having a mobility issue is a great challenge. Therefore, the airline provides you with wheelchairs and carts. You can reserve a wheelchair at the airport and can easily pass through the security and customs.

Select flights and seats wisely

Always look for a direct flight to your destination. So, it is advised to book early to get a seat of your choice. Booking a direct flight will save your time and effort in changing different flights. If you have a special requirement of seats and flights than you can contact a travel agent for better access.

Download the official airline app

In this generation of technology, every airline has made a free to use the app for its use for various platforms like android and ios. You can use this app to check about the stay on top of the flight, gate changes, status, connection etc.

Flight Fares

Most of the airlines offer a discount on senior citizen fares. However, this is rarely advertised. So before booking for flights please inquire about the senior fares and discount available. This will save your cash and senior fares also have greater flexibility. One of the major reasons an increase in travel for seniors are the discounts availability.

Carry your prescription along with medication

Always carry your medication in a large handbag rather than putting in luggage. You should always carry a doctor’s prescription in case of necessity you might show it.  Get assistance for your insurance with coverage available at

Travel tips for elderly and disabled people

              Travel tips for elderly and disabled people

Elderly and disables people find it very difficult for them to travel. These kinds of people find it very hard to reach to any destinations. But it doesn’t mean that there is no way they can travel, they just need to be more cautious and preparing that’s all the rest assured the tips I am going to give you will definitely help you to travel safe and sound.

  1. Planning Ahead

Planning is the first step for everything. For disabled persons it is more difficult to plan and getting around. First you need to consult a doctor and he sure is going to give you some tips for traveling. Try to have medical equipments with you and 2019 medicare advantage plans via
in any case and keep it in a place where you find easily. Before leaving make sure you took every prescribed tool and medicine with you.


  1. How to get there

You need to think more carefully whether you want to travel by bus, Train or by air. So do a conversation with your travel agent and let him know that you need extra assistance. In fact there are tons of resources that you can look into. And understand travelling options very carefully, you do not want to feel uncomfortable in public transport. So think carefully before going to any decision and tell your agent everything you require.


  1. Have a backup plan

What if things go wrong you need to think about that too? For elderly and disabled persons a misstep here or there can be very dangerous. So have a backup plan just in case. Always bring extra medications with you, and keep them in your carry-on. If there is anything necessary for you to have, take an extra with you. This will help you surely. Elderly do not have that much strength in their body so having someone besides them will give them a bit relief.


  1. Maneuvering airports

If you are disabled and cannot stand in long lines, look for a disabled assistance there will be one. If you are on a wheelchair write your name and address on it. While flying ask for aisle seat, they will give you and it will be nice for you to look at clouds go by, it gives you relief and soothing effect. And try to look for agencies that give disabled and elderly people more care and advantages in terms of traveling. So these are the travelling tips that will elderly and disabled people to plan well and in a very travel safer.