Airline travel tips for seniors

Airline travel tips for seniors

Travelling is the most sorted activity by the senior’s age group. Travel for seniors is growing these days as people being eager to explore the world and live the last phase of their life to the fullest. Seniors have a wide range of needs and requirement when they travel so travelling become a little uneasy for them sometimes. Travelling sometimes make hard on the body of a senior citizen. So, if you want to make your travel a little easier and comfortable then have a look at the article below on airline travel tips for seniors:

Pre-flight planning

To make your travel comfortable you can make a relevant plan before leaving for the airport like packing light. Check that you packed all the necessary documents and things you will require in the airport to go through the security. Travel for seniors will be more pleasant if you start it from your home by wearing comfortable clothes.

Get on wheels

Travel for seniors having a mobility issue is a great challenge. Therefore, the airline provides you with wheelchairs and carts. You can reserve a wheelchair at the airport and can easily pass through the security and customs.

Select flights and seats wisely

Always look for a direct flight to your destination. So, it is advised to book early to get a seat of your choice. Booking a direct flight will save your time and effort in changing different flights. If you have a special requirement of seats and flights than you can contact a travel agent for better access.

Download the official airline app

In this generation of technology, every airline has made a free to use the app for its use for various platforms like android and ios. You can use this app to check about the stay on top of the flight, gate changes, status, connection etc.

Flight Fares

Most of the airlines offer a discount on senior citizen fares. However, this is rarely advertised. So before booking for flights please inquire about the senior fares and discount available. This will save your cash and senior fares also have greater flexibility. One of the major reasons an increase in travel for seniors are the discounts availability.

Carry your prescription along with medication

Always carry your medication in a large handbag rather than putting in luggage. You should always carry a doctor’s prescription in case of necessity you might show it.  Get assistance for your insurance with coverage available at